Lloyd Swackhammer

ISBN 0-9732347-0-9

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This book was begun as an effort by the author, a radio collector, to also compile a list of all, or as many as possible, of the Brands of radios that were ever made in Canada.   The list grew and and information on the manufacturers was added until the possibilities of a book began to emerge.   For some time it had become apparent that information on radios of Canada was now lagging far behind information on radios in the USA.  So this project is seen as an incentive for the radio hobby in Canada to become as interested, or more so, in the history of Canadian Radios, as in the collecting .

The scope of the book was of necessity, limited to the prime experience of the Author, which was 'Crystal sets, and tube type' home entertainment radios, that is, the radios that were used in the homes of average Canadian families.  The years that are covered are from 1920 to about 1965, after which the transistor radios prevailed.  The transistor, military, amateur, commercial, auto, aircraft, etc., radio history may be a challenge for others.

The decision was made to give some basic information on the manufacturer, but not an elaborate history, even if that was possible.  Then provide a representative selection of pictures of radios of the Brand Name Listed.  The pictures were chosen to give good coverage of the early radios and the unusual radios, and them some of the more 'likely to be seen' radios carrying a particular Brand Name.  An attempt was made wherever it was possible, to locate at least one picture of each Bran Name listing.  This as you will see, led to the substituting of an advertisement of the radio, or even no picture at all.  The decisions made and indicated by the above paragraph, kept the book to a manageable size for the abilities and interests of the Author. 

Lloyd Swackhammer

You may purchase a copy of Lloyd's 164 page book for $35 + $8.00  (Canadian Funds) for expedited parcel delivery . 

Submit payment by Money Order in Canadian Dollars to:

Lloyd Swackhammer
11 Knevitt Place
Guelph, Ontario
N1G 2S8
Phone: 519-763-7336

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