by John S Belrose
Radio Sciences
Communications Research Centre
Ottawa ON K2H 8S2

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One of Canada's leading experts on the life and experiments of Reginald Fessenden is Dr. John (Jack) Belrose VE2CV.  In a recent e-mail Jack wrote:..

We built a spark transmitter to simulate his first voice over radio transmission.  We did as he did, i.e. operated at 10,000 sparks/sec, inserted a carbon microphone in the antenna lead, and shouted into the mike.

Lo and behold, "words perfectly clear except accompanied by an extremely loud disagreeable noise"!!

Click here to read the full article, see the schematic drawings recreated by Dr. Belrose as well as listen to a recreation of Fessenden's first voice transmission.

Click here for the 2006 recreation of Fessenden's Christmas Eve broadcast

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